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Directing CV


Prick                                                                                       by Laurie Flanigan Hegge         Drayton Arms Theatre, London 2024

Prick (World Premiere) OffFest Award Nominated        by Laurie Flanigan Hegge         Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023
When We Were Young and Unafraid                                   by Sarah Treem                          Persistent Theatre Productions (US) 2019
The Basset Table                                                                   by Susanna Centlivre                 Persistent Theatre Productions (US) 2018
To Evaporate (Premiere of New Work)                             by Alyssa Brooke                        Persist
ent Theatre Productions (US) 2017
The Bernice Project (Premiere of New Work)                   
by D. and M. Greivell                 Phoenix Theatre Arts Nest (US) 2017


Snow White                                                           dir. Damian Cruden                 Alnwick Playhouse and Queen Hall Arts Centre Hexham, 2023

Gloria: A Life! (Regional Premiere)                        dir. Risa Brainin                           The History Theatre, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 2019
Dirty Business (World
Premiere)                           dir. Ron Peluso                             The History Theatre, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 2019
Girl Group (World Premie
re)                                 dir. Rebecca Rizzio                       Theatre Unbound, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 2013
Kill Me Don’t Go (World Premiere)                        dir. Leah Cooper                           Playwright’s Center, Minneapolis, MN USA 2012
44 Presidents for 44 Plays                                       dir. Carin Bratlie                            Theatre Pro Rata, Minneapolis, MN USA 2012


A Night at the Wax Museum                                  by Craig Sodaro                                 Northern Starz Children’s Theatre 2016
The Wizard of Oz                                                    by Tim Rice                                         Homeward Bound Theatre Company 2016
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory                        by David Greig                                   Homeward Bound Theatre Company 2015


Artistic Director of Light the Match Productions, 2022-Present, Edinburgh, U.K. 

Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Assoicate to the Artistic Director, Elizabeth Newman, February 2023 Work Placement
Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Persistent Theatre Productions, 2017 to 2020

Trainee Director at The History Theatre, St. Paul, MN, U.S. 2019



The Bernice Project, World Premiere at The Phoenix Theatre Arts Nest, 2017 Minneapolis, MN 


2023 Prick, OffFest Award Nomination, The Offies Awards
2019 Minnesota Regional Arts Council Community Grant Recipient
2017 Fledgling Arts Nest Emerging Producing Artist Participant, Minneapolis, MN USA

University of Wisconsin-Parkside, B.A. in Theatre Arts 2011, Cum Laude 
h Napier University, Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Direction, 2023

'When We Were Young and Unafraid' 

Persistent Theatre Productions 2019

Pictured: Audrey Parry as Penny, Julie Ann Greif as Agnes, Aidan Jhane Gallivan as Mary Anne and Jared Mogen as Paul. 
Set Design by Jay Beal
Lighting Design by Shanna Frasier

'The Bernice Project' 

Phoenix Arts Nest 2017

by Debbie and Meggie Greivell
Pictured: John Stark as Roman and Tif
fany Cornwall as Bernice


World Premiere, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2023, Drayton Arms Theatre London, January 2024

by Laurie Flanigan
 Featured: Lisa McIntyre, Carys Turner, Abigail McDonald, David Clarkson, Lev Siegel and Ewan Jardine
Costumes by Charlotte Bowe 
Puppets by Madeline Helling
video by Eden Turner, Ciela Studio

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