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Directing Philosophy

My directing philosophy is rooted in vision, leadership, guidance and collaboration.  I am a big picture person. I see the end game and final result of a play in my vision and make sure to execute that to my team.  When I direct I lead my team, not only to excel at their best to create the best possible show we can but I lead them to learn and grow as artists.  I have been called a diplomatic leader, I guide and instruct as much as I drive the artists I work with. I firmly believe in collaboration. Creating good theatre is about teamwork and that involves not only communicating my vision effectively but actively listening to the visions of the artists on my team.  My job is to drive my directorial vision through diplomacy and teamwork.  

I believe that theatre should be political and personal.  Theatre is not only meant to entertain, it is meant to educate audiences.  Theatre is meant to change the world. I am not afraid of directing plays with a clear social justice message.  I am drawn to women’s stories above others. Women’s voices have long been silenced in Theatre, I get the most artistic satisfaction when directing plays that uplift women by telling their story.  I am drawn to diversity and empowerment in everything I direct. I believe in unburying forgotten classical works that have been left out of the predominantly white male canon of dramatic literature as much as I do honoring contemporay playwrights who are fianlly giving women a voice. 

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