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Standard British-The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar WildeMeggie Greivell
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Irish-Riders to the Sea by J.M. SyngeMeggie Greivell
00:00 / 00:29
American Southern-Crimes of the Heart by Beth HenleyMeggie Greivell
00:00 / 00:16
Cockney-The Basset Table by Susanna CentlivreMeggie Greivell
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Dialect Coaching for ALL ages, individual coaching, coaching for productions or classes  Rates as low as $30 an hour for individual coaching. 

Standard British, Irish, Cockney, Scottish, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Russian, American Southern, and Brooklyn-NYC, are all dialects I have coached and taught for professional theatre productions.  

Please take a listen above to hear samples of my work.  Recorded with Babble On  Studio.  

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